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Mirandel Öjerteg
46 år och kvinna
Borlänge, Dalarnas län

Personlig text
I am a wonderful positive and happy girl. I have good and bad
days that all Im normal to be me and I have one / two
popular diagnoses. Two wonderful kids who brightens my värld.Jag
is pleased to support them on their journey through life and
the ability to provide them with tools that make them successful! I
often many irons in the fire. But stay happy up and just enjoying the
present together with family and friends. Likes to eat good food and
bake an occasional bun drinker. But mostly I am on
go, in everyday virrevarr. You are welcome to be a part of it.
Only I can be me and accept me for the little wild rose I am!

Hobbies och intressen
Hästar, Slalom Musik Dans är några av mina intressen. Kan göra
listan lång med mer finner du ju mer du lär känna mig.

Horses, Slalom Music Dance are some of my interests. can do
the list is long with more, you will find out the more you get to
know me.

Visst finns änglar och mirakler. De är här varje dag i små
ögonblick vi glömmer bort att njuta av.

Certainly, there are angels and miracles. They are here every day
in small
moment we forget to enjoy.